WSSC Water & Sewer Rehabilitation

Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties, Maryland

Wallace Montgomery (WM) provided engineering services for design of rehabilitation and/or relocation of existing water and sewer facilities to under WSSC BOA PM0012A07. Under this contract we have currently been assigned 9 individual assignments for preparation of plans and specifications for construction, including data collection and evaluation, field investigations, field surveys, geotechnical and pavement investigations, corrosion surveys and design, preparation of existing conditions portfolios, test pits, permit acquisition, sediment and erosion control, sequencing of construction, maintenance of traffic, coordination with road permit agencies (MD SHA, Montgomery County, and Prince George’s County) community outreach and construction phase services. The following is a brief summary of assignments to date:
Oxon Hill, Phases III, IV & V
Provided engineering services for design of rehabilitation of approx. 19,300 lf of 3”, 6” & 8” water mains using same trench replacement, under 3 separate tasks. These tasks completed simultaneously.
Georgia Avenue (Connecticut Ave to Glenallen Ave)
Provided engineering services for design of relocation of approximately 7,050 lf of 1”, 2” 3”,8”, 10” & 16” water mains in conjunction with highway Safety Improvements and Resurfacing of Georgia Ave (MD 97)
Emergency Replacement of Meter Vaults
Provided engineering services for inspection, evaluation and design of for emergency replacement of five (5) aged Hersey fire service meters. The work will include field visits to Hersey fire meter vaults at five separate locations, including developing methods for replacement of these large outside water meters and vaults and preparation of plans and details.

Work Efforts:

  • Field Surveys & Mapping
  • Property Mosaic
  • Plans, Specifications & Estimates
  • Connections to Existing Mains
  • Traffic Control
  • Utility Interface/Relocation
  • State Highway Administration Coordination
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Field Investigations/Site Inspections