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September 2018 – WM Team Member Brittany Stout Receives Certificate of Appreciation from MDOT SHA

Wallace Montgomery: Brittany Stout

Congratulations to Brittany Stout, an Administrative Assistant/Office Engineer with WM, who received a certificate of appreciation from MDOT SHA on the State Training and Recognition Day.

Brittany works with the MDOT SHA Office of Structures Remedial Construction Division. She is responsible for helping to process lane closure permits, which ensures that the Remedial Division’s paint team can perform their work without delays or changes. The award certificate specifically praises Brittany for always having “a smile on her face” and handling any issues or changes “with professionalism and speed.”

Brittany says that “the best part of my job is knowing that the construction team I’m a part of is crucial to keeping Maryland’s bridges safe for travel.”

WM has established such strong working relationships and collaboration with MDOT SHA because of team members like Brittany. We’re proud of her accomplishments and recognition.