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Pavement and Geotech

Sophisticated Design.

Collect data, evaluate alternatives and design solutions for pavements and structure foundations.

Review information   to characterize subsurface conditions and environmental features so that the impacts of loads from soils, structures, pavements and traffic and be managed. Provide sophisticated analyses and designs to complex problems to help manage risks while maximizing the value of pavement and geotechnical assets.

Asset management of these features is applied  to develop cost-effective and long-term solutions that add value to the overall highway network.

Wallace Montgomery: Pavement and Geotechnical
Pavement Management;
Expertise Services
  • Design of Permeable Pavements
  • Geotechnical Evaluation/Design
  • Pavement Analysis/Design
  • Pavement Condition Surveys
  • Pavement Maintenance/Rehabilitation Programs
  • Pavement Management Systems
  • Pavement Materials/Specifications
  • Pavement Performance Measures/Target Setting
  • Pavement Preservation/Innovative Treatments
  • Recycle Pavement Materials/Green Pavement Technologies
  • Soil Stabilization/Soil Improvement Techniques
  • Transportation Asset Management Systems