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Shaping Communities.

Communicate purpose & need, develop viable alternatives, understand environmental and community features, analyze impacts and coordinate public involvement to deliver NEPA solutions. Apply complete streets strategies for urban/suburban settings that help to shape communities with accommodations for motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists and transit users. Provide implementable transportation solutions to meet short-mid and long-term transportation needs while considering budgets, goals, policies and community vision.

Develop/update comprehensive plans that establish frameworks for the future of localities and communities. Plans provide a blueprint that serve as  basis for decisions related to zoning, subdivision, land use, transportation and environment. Incorporate community goals and stakeholder input to reach consensus on vision for the future.

Wallace Montgomery: North Second Street Multimodal Project
Expertise Services
  • Community Effects Assessment/Impact Analyses
  • Complete Streets/Curbside Management
  • Comprehensive/Land Use Planning
  • Grant Writing/Administration
  • Multimodal Transportation Planning
  • NEPA Documentation/Analysis
  • Public Involvement/Facilitation
  • Section 106 Consultation/Coordination
  • Sustainability/Resiliency Planning
  • Zoning Analysis/Ordinance Development+G67