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Noise & Vibration

Scientific and Accurate.

Utilize a three-pronged approach to noise analysis. Work to understand the existing and proposed noise sources, and the relationship to terrain, land use and other contributing factors; conduct detailed modeling to simulate the existing and proposed conditions; and identify mitigation options to avoid or minimize noise related impacts.

Prepare design plans for structural barriers and other mitigation options. Provide cost-benefit analysis to evaluate alternatives and public outreach to ensure that mitigation fits within the context of adjacent communities.

Wallace Montgomery: I-695 Featherbed Road Noise Analysis and Barrier Design
Expertise Services
  • Ambient Noise Measurements
  • Impact Analysis/Mitigation Design
  • Mitigation (Barrier) Design, Specification & Cost Estimates
  • Noise Analysis Technical Reports
  • Noise Program Management
  • Noise Related Community Outreach
  • Policy, Procedure & Guideline Development
  • Preliminary Noise Screening Analysis
  • TNM Modeling/Analysis
  • Transit Noise Analysis