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February 2019 – The Rutland Road Fish Passage Project receives the MdQI 2019 Green/Sustainability Environmental Award

Wallace Montgomery: Rutland Road

Congratulations to the Rutland Road Fish Passage project Team of Anne Arundel County; Whitman, Requardt and Associates; Wallace Montgomery; and Corinthian Contractors (prime contractor) and Bourn Environmental (sub-contractor) for receiving the MdQI 2019 Green/Sustainability Environmental Award. This award reflects the project team’s commitment to environmental stewardship: The pre-existing culvert under Rutland Road blocked fish migration, and the corrugated metal pipe culverts were failing; the project team replaced these culverts with a bridge structure that reduced flooding and facilitated upstream passage for the fish. Team members collaborated on innovative design approaches to create a natural channel that connected the bridge structure to the river, which established an instream habitat for aquatic life.