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WM Participates in Habitat for Humanity

Throughout 2019, Wallace Montgomery has supported Habitat for Humanity as our featured charity. We have held fundraisers for Habitat for Humanity at our bake-off, annual duckpin bowling tournament, and summer picnic – while also offering our team members other opportunities to make financial contributions through one-time donations and even payroll deductions. We’re proud of all that we’ve done to benefit Habitat for Humanity and we were especially thrilled to roll up our sleeves and get more hands-on in our helping.

Recently, members of the WM team worked together to install drywall within housing units in the Sandtown area of Baltimore City. They spent a Saturday afternoon with rulers, hammers, liquid nail guns, and a whole lot of elbow grease to make these houses – which will give underserved families in Baltimore a chance at a lasting home – safer and more comfortable. The team was happy that their hard work will have such powerful rewards.

We look forward to continuing our volunteer efforts and fundraising for Habitat for Humanity.