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Nice/Middleton Bridge Replacement – DBIA Merit Award

“The $462.9 million Gov. Harry W. Nice/Sen. Thomas “Mac” Middleton Bridge Replacement project included the design and construction of a new 61-foot-wide bridge, with four 12-foot-wide lanes and a center median to increase traffic capacity, improve safety and visibility and facilitate access for wide-load vehicles. The new bridge was designed and constructed to cost-effectively balance the number of spans against the number of the supporting piers.

The project incorporated many firsts for MDTA, including selecting design-build as the project delivery method: 210’ – 66” cylinder piles with carbon-fiber pre-stressing strands; design and installation of 200-ton pre-cast bathtubs; pre-casting 80-ton concrete drainage troughs; incorporating ChromX reinforcing steel in the bridge deck; and integrating modular joints to the deck.”

–  excerpt from Gov. Harry W. Nice/Sen. Thomas “Mac” Middleton Bridge Replacement Project – DBIA

Wallace Montgomery supported AECOM by providing highway; roadway signing, marking and lighting; maintenance of traffic; stormwater management; and erosion and sediment control design services.

In a partnership with the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA), the AECOM Team delivered this project within budget and almost three months ahead of schedule.